NapCloud Systems Integration

Supplier Systems Integration

Check, check… and check!

Place orders, get real-time status updates, and receive invoices electronically and automatically. It’s really that simple. Our team utilizes EDI/XML tools to create a line of communication between your systems and those of your suppliers, making the entire procurement process that much easier.

Order Placement

Status Updates

Invoice Receipt

Integrate with any of these suppliers, and more!

Government Systems Integration

Contracting with the government isn’t always a pretty process; we know it. NapCloud is able to provide effective, custom technology solutions to make that process pretty again.

Whether you are trying to process fax orders from the government, uploading and updating your product offerings on GSA Advantage or FedMall, or trying to maintain your compliance with AbilityOne requirements, manually staying up to speed with the market can be tricky. With years of collective experience in the Government Contracting industry, NapCloud can help you untangle the mess of these legacy processes and equip your company with the IT tools it needs to be competitive in the evolving marketplace, reducing time wasted and opportunities lost. We understand what it takes.

Communication is key after all, and electronic communication certainly has its perks.

Unlimited Product File Uploads

Automatic Order Downloads

Regular Product File Updates